Cibdol CBD Oil Normal 2000mg 4% 50ml

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Cibdol is a reputable European maker of all-natural CBD oils that are among the strongest and purest on the market today. Cibdol uses only clean and pure ingredients and the best naturally grown hemp for their CBD oils. Their products don’t contain any additives, chemicals or other impurities.

Cibdol CBD oils are available in various concentrations so that health-conscious customers can dose their CBD according to their personal requirements. The Cibdol CBD oil 4% delivers a moderate balance of strength, making it a good middle ground when compared to their other 2.5% and 10% CBD oil products.

Using Cibdol Natural CBD Oil 4%

Dosing Cibdol CBD is easy and straight-forward. Like their range of 2.5% CBD oils, the recommended dosage for Cibdol CBD oil 4% is 1 to 4 drops, up to three times per day. Since Cibdol CBD oil won’t get you high and doesn’t have any side-effects, you can take it any time of the day without any problems.

Contents: Dropper bottle with 50ml of 4% CBD oil (2000mg)

Ingredients: Olive Oil, Hemp Extract, Terpenes