CBDLife Hemp Oil Spray 400mg CBD+CBDa 10ml

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CBDLife Hemp Oil Spray 400mg CBD+CBDa

400mg CBD per 10ml bottle

1 Spray = 5mg CBD

CBDLife 400mg CBD hemp oil spray has been designed to be perfect for those new to CBD or more experienced users alike. A full hemp CO2 extract has is infused into MCT oil to give a high quality and effective product. The use of a full extract is much more beneficial than using extracts that have been distilled/ dewaxed as this process can damage the natural terpenes of the extract.

The contents of this oral spray bottle should be taken sublingually. This means you spray the desired amount under your tongue and hold for 1-2 minutes before swallowing. It can be taken with or without food but preferably prior to a meal as it may lower your blood sugar.

Ingredients: Full Co2 Hemp extract, Hemp derived terpenes, MCT Oil